Russia has set up a database in Venezuela that allows the government to track in real time how its military hardware is maintained.

With the help of Graphite, the Service Solutions Center based at Proekt-Technika Corporation made maintenance a fully automatic process.

Russia issued technical passports for every piece of hardware. They traveled all across the country to create this database from scratch, so that after two months the [Venezuelan] defense minister had access to everything there was to know about the state of all hardware and its faults.

The software was available for desktop and mobile users and allowed to keep track of hardware life cycle. The mobile application, makes it easier for government officials to monitor and control maintenance work.

Russian Ambassador in Caracas Vladimir Zaemsky told Sputnik that the USA might go beyond just threats and carry out a full-scale military intervention in Venezuela.

Moscow has repeatedly stressed that it considered any military options with regard to Venezuela unacceptable and warned that they would only further escalate situation in the oil-rich Latin American country.

The USA has recently set up a NATO military base in Colombia, bordering with Venezuela in order to prepare a military invasion, involving NATO partners to help assist Washington invade the country in order to confiscate its multi-trillion dollar oil- and gold assets.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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Geo Con
Geo Con
16-07-23 16:15

Step one in upgrading the Venezuelan military against the Anglo Zio-Nazi swamp.