The Russian Ministry of Emergency said that five planes were sent to Lebanon to help clear the debris from the explosion that occurred at Beirut Port on Tuesday.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry is sending five aircraft to Beirut with an airmobile hospital, doctors, rescuers of the air-mobile unit Tsentrospas and a laboratory of Rospotrebnadzor to detect COVID-19.

The ministry noted that all specialists are equipped with special suits and protective equipment, taking into account the epidemiological situation.

The Ministry also announced the dispatch of specialists from the Russian Consumer Protection Agency to Beirut, lab kits to test for Corona-virus, clothes and means of protection

The death toll from the blast currently stands at 135 and roughly 5,000 others have suffered injuries, Lebanon’s health minister Hamad Hassan said.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Terror News 2020.

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05-08-20 15:26

How the Israeli terror units always find ways to improve the destruction’s of other people’s properties?