After the recent scrimmage of Israeli war jets over Syria, Russia has various options to counter breaching Syria’s airspace, that caused the deaths of 15 Russian servicemen.

Declaring a no-fly zone over all of Syria is simply not in the current Russian capabilities.  Like it or not, that is a fact. However, declaring an air exclusion zone over Khmeimim and Tartus is something the Russians could certainly do.

With the help of the Russian Navy ships near the Syrian coast and the Russian AWACS in the air or putting a pair of MiG-31BM’s on combat air patrol over northern Syria would further tighten the evaporating gab in Syria’s air defenses.

The size of such an air exclusion zone over Russian forces would have to be very carefully agreed upon with all the relevant experts and lawyers.

The recent agreement between Turkey and Russia has removed any tactical justification for a US attack on Syria and that the Israelis have organized their latest little bloody stunt right, after this deal was announced, was to be expected.

France and Israel retaliated militarily because a political option was wiped from the table. The French Navy’s newest frigate, FS Auvergne, fired rockets around the same time as four Israeli war jets were carrying out missile strikes against targets in Syria’s Latakia province.

Not only is this region of our planet extremely volatile and dangerous, Moscow also needs the inputs of all the experts. In Russian they say that haste is only needed when catching fleas.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2018.

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