Moscow has said that blaming Iran for all the problems of the Middle East is just bad policy, as the national security advisers from Russia, Israel and the USA meet in Jerusalem to discuss escalating tensions in the region.

This focus on Iran to the exclusion of everything else was counterproductive, Lavrov said. Israel and the Americans are above all concerned with Iran, not just when it comes to Syria but also this region in general, and maybe even in a much wider geographical area.

There are attempts to turn the territory of Syria into a battlefield between Israel and Iran, between Sunnis and Shia. This is bad and only aggravates the crisis.

Lavrov expressed concern about the rumored US peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian question, saying that secretly developed ideas that reject the two-state solution were a departure from the framework of UN resolutions and other internationally agreed principles.

UN resolutions should also be the basis of resolving the conflict in Syria, Lavrov said, condemning attempts to encourage separatist tendencies in this or that part of Syria and interfere with the legitimate government – once again indirectly pointing to the USA.

Trump’s refusal to escalate the military confrontation with Tehran, even as he went along with sanctions and threats, seems to have left Iran hawks such as Bolton and Pompeo painted into a corner.

Netanyahu is in a similar position. He can’t accuse Trump of insufficient support for Israel after such explicit evidence to the contrary as relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing the Israeli claim to the occupied Golan Heights.

The Israeli dictator is also in political limbo at home, after failing to form a coalition government and having to call a new general election for September.

RT. com / AB Canada Flash Point News 2019.

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04-05-21 11:54

Israel caught in between, struggling to defend itself against the superior forces that will control the ME in the future.