Russia and China are preparing to win the next major world war between global super powers, developing impressive new weapons systems, as most wars are won well in advance.

In fact, a 60 Minutes investigation discovered that the US nuclear forces were still using technology from the 1960’s and 1970’s, including rotary phones and enormous 8-inch floppy disks.

Most Americans assume that the USA would easily win a military conflict with Russia and/or China due to its “vast superiority” in global strategic forces , but recently Russian missile technology proved that they can destroy US warships from a long distances.

Earlier this month, we learned that they have launched a new generation of supersonic MiG strike bombers and Kinhzal missiles. Of much greater concern are the brand new intercontinental ballistic missiles that Russia has developed that are far superior to anything that the U.S. possesses.

The Sarmat is a heavy supersonic ICBM intended to replace Russia’s aging, Soviet-era missiles that form the basis of its nuclear deterrent. Each missile can carry 10 large nuclear warheads or 16 smaller ones, and each one of those warheads can be targeted independently.

The Sarmat, which NATO named “Satan 2″, weights more than 200 tons, it can fly approximately 16,000 miles, and a single missile is capable to destroying an area the size of Texas.

Now let’s talk about China for a few moments.  The Chinese are developing autonomous AI robotic submarines that will be capable of hitting targets anywhere on the entire globe. Since they do not require human crews, these robotic subs will be able to be operated at a very low-cost.

China is also actively developing its fleet of long-range bombers and “likely” training its pilots for missions targeting the USA, according to a new Pentagon report.

Meanwhile, gridlock in Washington has produced a military that is deeply unprepared for a conflict between the superpowers. If we continue down this path, it is entirely possible that someday the Russians or the Chinese may conclude that a surprise first strike on the United States is possible and that a nuclear war is entirely winnable.

And this could especially be true for the Russians, because they have the most advanced anti-missile systems on the entire planet and can easily handle just about anything that we can throw at them.

The decisions that are being made by the USA right now could ultimately determine who wins the next war, and right now the U.S. is not making very wise choices.

The Duran / AB Flash Point Military New 2018.

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