Some politicians from Ukraine are starting to realize the fact that Crimea will no longer be Ukrainian. In addition, it will not be possible to return the peninsula with the help of NATO forces.

And according to Ukrainian experts, Russia to date has settled too strongly in Crimea, increasing its military presence both on land and on coastal territory, without giving the slightest opportunity to breakthrough into Crimea.

Russia also destroyed all the dreams of the American military ranks to create their own military bases on the peninsula, because the Russian Federation has deprived NATO of any chance to attack Crimea.

Moreover, the countries of the alliance, conducting exercises in the waters of the Black Sea, adapt to the activities carried out by Russia. They try to avoid staying in a region where Russia is practicing strategic defense initiative manoeuvres.

NATO troops are simply trying to bypass Russian ships, so it is not necessary to talk about a potential attack on Crimea.

In addition, on defense in Crimea there are already missile defense and air defense systems and complexes, which in all cases are ready to ensure a safe sky above the peninsula.

But, to be honest, NATO is unlikely to take such a risk because of Ukraine. Their maximum is verbal provocation and nothing more. It will be afraid to go beyond sanctions.

Stalker Zone Organisation / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Arco Iris
Arco Iris
04-02-21 13:00

NATO serves as the next tool to invade Russia in order to plunder its resources?