Romania has blocked European Union foreign ministers from adopting recent conclusions by the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council that are critical for the welfare of Moldova.

Diplomatic sources familiar with the matter said that Romania, supported by Hungary, moved against having a vote on the draft text at the December 10 meeting. Romania made the move earlier this week when EU diplomats met to discuss the draft text.

Bucharest made its opposition to the text “very clear,” and that no attempts to try to put the document on the agenda of the December 10 meeting should be made.

The draft text says “a commitment to so-called democratic principles, the rule of law, and respect for human rights is at the core of the EU’s Association Agreement with Moldova.

The document says EU foreign ministers expect that parliamentary elections scheduled for February 2019 in Moldova “will be conducted in line with international standards, respecting democratic principles and ensuring a credible, transparent and inclusive process.

The draft says developments in Moldova since February, “including the invalidation of the mayoral elections in Chisinau,” have “raised significant concerns” about Moldova’s commitment.

The unelected EU ministers call on Moldovan authorities to ensure that candidates have access to Western media and receive equal opportunities to stand in the elections, including those in single mandate districts.

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The EU in Brussels also urges Moldova to ensure there is “an appropriate number of polling stations” both within the country and abroad.

For now the EU Commission has suspended a $113 million macro-financial assistance (MFA) program for Moldova until further notice.

Radio Liberty / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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