Protesters spilled into the streets of Tbilisi this week to protest a draft law requiring NGO’s to register as agents of foreign influence if 20% or more of their funds come from foreign sources.

What are the US-backed protesters looking to achieve, with this controversial move? How have Georgia’s Western partners responded? What role, if any, has Russia played in the country where Putin was born.

Georgia’s governing coalition unconditionally withdrew its foreign agents law from parliament, folding to protesters after two nights of violent confrontations with police in the Caucasus nation’s capital.

This open aggression leads to growing pressure from the European Union and the United States to scrap the draft legislation.

As a party of government responsible to every member of society, we have decided to unconditionally withdraw this bill that we supported, the Georgian Dream Party, which has 74 of 150 seats in the republic’s parliament, reported.

Giga Lemonjala, a member of the opposition Droa party, responded to the government’s announcement by demanding that the bill be formally denounced, and that all protesters detained over the past two nights be released?

Some media went so far as to claim the Georgian legislation signaled Tbilisi’s drift away from the European Union and toward Russia, with one article going so far as to call the social democratic, pro-EU Georgian ruling party “Putin’s Georgian Dream.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s pointed out that the draft law looked similar to US legislation passed in 1938 known as the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov’s statement on Thursday encouraged Russian nationals in Georgia to stay out of the streets.

This is literally double standards, a mockery. The US regime brazenly adopted this same law 80 years ago, in 1938, and tightened it up repeatedly.

Similar laws are in force in several countries in Europe. Sp this law is not ‘Russian,’ and has nothing to do with Russia. These are absolutely different things.

In other words, Georgia adopted a draft law modeled on American legislation, that’s in accordance with the Georgian Constitution and the law on non-governmental organizations. What does Russia have to do with it? What does Putin have to do with anything?

The Americans have spent about $1 billion on our non-governmental organizations since 1993, with the USA declaring that these funds were spent on developing civil society, human rights, etc.

But, that’s not the case. On the contrary, these funds have consistently been spent on fomenting a coup d’état, on the financing of some destructive elements in Georgia.

The NGO sector is the strongest structure of civil institutions in Georgia, because they have massive funding. Everyone, even the current leadership of Georgia, comes from precisely these kinds of organizations and foundations. They have immense influence.

The USA and EU’s record and history of violating Georgia’s sovereignty is no secret to anyone, but their behavior and response to this week’s violence constitutes outright mockery of Tbilisi.

Why is it that in Georgia, that people who throw Molotov cocktails at a police officer or set a police car on fire, or hit special forces agent in the head with a rebar and smashes the parliament building, are deemed ‘peaceful’.

This is not a ‘peaceful protest, an observer asked, alluding to the dozens of police officers who have been injured, some hospitalized, over the past two days in clashes with foreign-backed demonstrators.

The irony of the crisis over the foreign agents draft law is that the Georgian Dream government is broadly pro-European, with stated aims including entry into both the EU and NATO.

The Americans have spent a whole year now since the start of Russia’s ‘special operation’ in Ukraine destabilizing the situation, trying to get Georgia to join anti-Russian sanctions and open a second front” against Moscow.

The Georgian government and lawmakers’ attempts to prevent Tbilisi from being pulled into a direct conflict against Russia, notwithstanding the not always rosy relations with Moscow, is precisely the reason the foreign agents law was put together in the first place.

Especially, the fact that a handful of NGO’s have garnered more financial support over the past year than all the country’s political parties combined.

The main thing [for the government] is the guarantee of peace, some kind of fair compromise-based dialogue with Russia, without attempts to include the country in a new conflict on Russia’s borders.

If the situation heats up, more parallels to the Ukrainian coup could appear, including radicals in crowds, agent provocateurs, mysterious snipers, culminating in a coup and the appointment of a new puppet government and the installation of an authoritarian president who will be called a liberal by the west.

We see how this happened with Zelensky – how ‘liberal’ his regime turned out to be, and what laws were adopted when everything goes according to the American scenario, and the country is integrated into a full-fledged military confrontation with Russia.,1)/usa-new-york-city-statue-of-liberty-close-up-450680-001-583311ef3df78c6f6a649e46.jpg?w=696&ssl=1

They need Georgia as another means to prick Russia, just from another flank.

In the course of her official visit to the USA this week, Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili appeared against the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty to express support for the protesters.

Of course Zourabichvili serves the interests, first of fall, of her masters. We can’t figure out whether she’s the president of Georgia or the governor of some American state.

But it is a fact that she wants more power, and sees herself in the place of [Georgian Prime Minister Irakli] Garibashvili.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Gio Con
Gio Con
09-03-23 20:02

They”ll know a coup is coming if Victoria Nuland starts handing out cookies. But it’s a shame that Georgia’s youth are being so easily suckered by US propaganda. You’d think they would learn from history that they’re just being used by the West, who will fight the Russians down to the last Georgian.

Dollar Store
Dollar Store
Reply to  Gio Con
09-03-23 21:52

comment image

James Wolf
James Wolf
09-03-23 20:03

It’s always possible to find young people who want to go out and demonstrate, even if they don’t know the issues. This is just another CIA/Soros “color revolution” that lays the groundwork for the regime change it is aimed at. It isn’t the cookies that Nuland is handing out, it’s what she hands out behind the scenes to the politicians. Democracy has become the mask for mob rule.

Rocky Fjord
Rocky Fjord
09-03-23 20:05

Always the same cabal, Salome Zourabichvili is an ultra Zionist, another shabby goyim or maybe she’s part of that cult of covert narcissists herself? Anyway they can’t help but stir trouble everywhere until they come to power, at which point they suck the country and people dry, then force the locals into wars. Europe is at this point again now, after funneling dozens of billions into Albert Bourla pockets for almost useless vaccines, they are now throwing even more money at their oligarchs in Kiev to create a war against Russia! But the Goyim never learns…

Jason Hobbs
Jason Hobbs
09-03-23 20:07

Although the people of Donbass have a right to self determination, the people of Georgia (or any country bordering Russia) does not. One has to be completely brain dead to not see the hypocrisy

Reply to  Jason Hobbs
10-03-23 05:15

Post WW2 the American southern continent had the right to self determination -freedom- it never got that – America installed Nazi dictatorships which cruelly killed the poor who rose up against them. Read the “Monro Doctrine ” it says the USA has the “right ” to enslave those countries on the same continent bordering the USA so that US Big Business ripped off the inhabitants kept them poor . It does not say much for your own brain that you are so heavily influenced by US lying propaganda that you are willing to ignore the devastation the US caused to… Read more »

Dollar Store
Dollar Store
Reply to  Donnchadh
10-03-23 15:59

Imagine that for a while, they say that good propaganda only works or is succesful if they (the people) believe in all lies presented by the MSN.