A police crackdown at a nightclub in Lima turned horribly wrong after party goers rushed to escape and got trapped in a deadly stampede. The tragedy has claimed 13 lives and left six others mortally injured.

The police raid at the Thomas Restobar nightclub in Peru’s capital Lima was launched to enforce a freshly reimposed ban on weekend night entertainment, which was meant to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

Law enforcement were alerted by traitor residents of Los Olivos district in northern Lima that a party was planned at the club in defiance of the lock down, with some 120 people in attendance.

When the crackdown was launched, guests of the club tried to flee from the second floor down the stairs and through the back exit.

The door was supposed to swing inwards, but amid the turmoil people couldn’t open it because the small hallway leading outside was packed, national police chief General Orlando Velasco Mujica told the media.

The tragedy left 13 young people dead, including two women, the police said. The victims got crushed or suffocated in the stampede. Six others including three officers were injured. The police also made 23 arrests.

Yet again a government responds in a way that indicates this has nothing to do with the health of the population. They should have left them to it, the probability is no-one would have got ill. I wonder if this will be factored into the failed Imperial computer model.

Peru has one of the worst outbreaks of Covid-19 among Latin American nations, with an uptake in new infections reported since late July. It has over 580,000 registered cases and more than 27,000 deaths attributed to the Corona-virus.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Latin America News 2020.

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Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
23-08-20 20:33

Another crazy police action causing multiple deaths?