Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has written to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, urging him to ban all “Islamophobic content” on the platform, just like posts on Holocaust.

Praising recent Facebook’s decision to weed out all content that “denies or distorts” the Holocaust, Khan urged the social media platform to implement similar rules in regard to “Islamophobic” posts.

I appreciate your taking the step to rightly ban any posting that criticizes or questions the Holocaust, which was the culmination of the Nazi pogrom of the Jews in Germany and across Europe as Nazis spread across eastern Europe,” the PM wrote.

The Pakistani PM did not specify exactly what content should be seen as “Islamophobic,” but gave several examples of the alleged persecution of Muslims.

He did not miss the opportunity to take a jab at his country’s arch-rival, India, accusing that nation’s government of implementing discriminatory laws, practicing the “targeted killings of Muslims, and blaming Muslims for Corona-virus.”

He also criticized France, where “Islam has been associated with terrorism,” while publication of anti-Muslim “blasphemous cartoons is encouraged.

Earlier in the day, Khan chastised French President Emmanuel Macron, claiming he had “attacked Islam” by supporting the display of the offensive cartoons.

Macron has paid tribute to a French history teacher who was beheaded by a teenage asylum seeker earlier this month, in what was said to be retaliation for showing his students cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, during a class on freedom of expression.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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26-10-20 01:07

Difficult dilemma for the Jews to swallow?