North Korea demonstrated long range cruise missile strike capabilities on March 22, 2023 launching two Hwasal-1 strategic cruise missiles and two Hwasal-2 strategic cruise missiles from South Hamgyong Province which accurately hit a target in the Sea of Japan – known in Korea as the East China Sea.

The tests come as Pyongyang complains of repeated provocations from the United States, which is leading major military exercises in South Korea simulating attacks on the north, and are the latest of multiple major shows of force this month.

The reckless and dangerous nature of the confrontational hysteria recently betrayed by the U.S. imperialists and the south Korean puppet regime of traitors is unprecedented in history referring to domestic efforts to bolster up its nuclear war deterrence.

North Korea’s self-defense is very important for Pyongyang in order to strengthen the country’s defense posture in every way and promptly counter and thoroughly control and manage any nuclear war threats and challenges by the enemy in response.

While North Korea’s deterrence capacities long rested on its ballistic missile arsenal, which began to be fielded in the late 1970’s.

It has expanded very significantly ever since, complementary cruise missile capabilities began to appear from the late 2010’s demonstrating sophisticated features including the ability to conduct complex way-point maneuvers.

These can fulfill a wide range of roles including nuclear strikes, precision strikes on key facilities such as airbases, and anti-shipping roles.

The country demonstrated its first submarine launched cruise missile capability earlier in March, and has also integrated advanced platforms such as the Kumsong-3 cruise missile onto its surface warships.

Air launched variants of the Kumsong-3 are also reported but not confirmed to have been integrated onto the country’s H-5 bomber fleet.

The Hwasal series are expected to expand nuclear delivery options against U.S. Military facilities in Japan in particular, as well as near the southern coast of South Korea.

Military Watch Magazine / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
28-03-23 09:38

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Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
28-03-23 15:54

North Korea lost half of its population after the US military carpet bombed the country during the so-called Korean War (1950-53) to get it back into the hands of Japan, which occupied China since 1910, until WW II. South Korea now still is in Japanese hands, Hyundai and KIA started with Japanse engines made by Mitsubishi and Toyota.