New Zealand – the “land of the long white cloud” – has evolved into a police state overnight amid the fallout of Covid-19, with people now being encouraged to dob in fellow Kiwis who flout lock down rules.

While slow to apprehend Covid-19 initially and taking nonsensical measures such as banning travel from Iran while allowing travel from Italy unabated, the New Zealand government quickly changed tack and announced it was implementing a four-tier threat level to deal with the virus.

It wasn’t long after this that the government gave New Zealander’s a two-day period for everyone to tie up loose ends and prepare for what is essentially a nationwide lock down (threat level four), which will continue for at least four weeks.

As part of this, a state of emergency was declared last week which saw the powers-that-be activate emergency legislation. This current state of affairs enables New Zealand’s National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to close or restrict access to roads or public places, regulate land, water and air traffic, and even evacuate and enter people’s premises, among other measures.

The New Zealand police are responsible for maintaining law and order during the state of emergency, and have been given special powers to order any person to stop any activity that contributes to the emergency. As of today, the state of emergency has been extended by another seven days.

As the 9/11 Patriot Act was used to put Islamic countries on political lock down, Covid-19 is the tool to turn all the “free-living” people worldwide under the control of military and police dictatorships.

The Covid-19 crisis is an unprecedented situation which can lead to death and suffering, and has already begun undertaking that course of action in Italy, Iran, Spain and even in the USA.

After six months the Corona death toll has reached 47.000 people. The fact that 25.000 people die every day from hunger is bluntly ignored.

Now, the police can (ab)useextreme and unprecedented” powers to constrain basic freedoms of movement guaranteed by the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act.

On top of all of this, the government saw fit in the most Orwellian way possible to set up an online mechanism for locals to “dob in” other fellow Kiwis who were flouting the lock down rules.

I don’t know how comfortable I am with a website where people can dob in other people without requiring any demonstrable evidence. I am also concerned as to what this precedent could achieve in the future.

Perhaps the next lock down won’t be because of Covid-19, but because of a different situation entirely. Like with fake events such as the bloody church shootings in 2017, where no blood was found at the crime scene?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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01-04-20 22:19

This way the world will change forever, with freedom at stake replaced by dictatorial war time rule.