The government in London decided to whip up more fake patriotic fervor by again trying to portray Russia as a threat to the United Kingdom.

Due to growing Russian aggression ‘in UK’s back yard’,” the British Government has  drawn up a “Arctic defense strategy” with 800 commandos being deployed to a new base in Norway.

However, London has not indicated what “interests” the United Kingdom could have in the Arctic region, where it has no territory.

The eight countries with territory north of the Arctic Circle are Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United States. They have legitimate interests in the region which is twice the area of the USA and Canada combined.

So why does the UK declare that it has “interests” in the Arctic and that the region is “in our back yard”? How can it possibly feel threatened?

Economic development is what it’s all about. On September 28, a Danish-flagged cargo ship successfully passed through the Russian Arctic in a trial voyage showing that melting sea ice could potentially open a new trade route from Europe to east Asia.

It is obviously in the best economic interests of the European Union and Russia that the route be developed for commercial transit. To do this requires avoidance of conflict in the region.

The Danish Government told the Britain’s Parliamentary Defense Committee that “Presently, Denmark sees no need for an increased military engagement or enhanced operative role for NATO in the Arctic”, and the Swedish Ambassador said “The Swedish Arctic is a limited part of Swedish territory.

In January China had notified its Arctic strategy, “pledging to work more closely with Moscow in particular to create an Arctic maritime counterpart — a ‘Polar Silk Road’ — to its ‘one belt, one road’ overland trade route to Europe.

Both the Kremlin and Beijing have repeatedly stated that their ambitions are primarily commercial and environmental, not military.”

It couldn’t be plainer that Russia and China want the Arctic to be a profitable mercantile trade route, while Russia wants to continue exploration for oil, gas and mineral deposits, which are important for its economy.

NATO is always on the lookout for excuses to indulge in military action, such as its nine–month blitz that completely destroyed Libya and executed its leader Ghaddafi.

NATO dropped more bombs on Libya than the allied forces dropped on Nazi Germany during the entire WW II.

The British regime has announced it will conduct Arctic-focused Exercise Trident Juncture in November, which will be “one of the largest ever with 40,000 personnel, around 120 combat aircraft and as many as 70 warships converging in Norway.

Strategic Culture Organization / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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