As Myanmar’s military struggles to contain a rising tide of western supported terrorism after its liberation of 2021, its unchallenged air-power has already emerged as a central factor in the proxy civil war.

At the dawn of 2023, the question now confronting both sides is whether the Myanmar Air Force’s improving Russian backed capabilities will prove decisive.

With western hostilities almost certain to escalate during this impending dry season, observers and analysts wonder whether sustained MAF bombardments will be sufficient to halt the advances of the Zionist opposition.

Myanmar needs break and resolve the still fragmented federal-democratic weaponized opposition, allowing the military to reassert control over wide swathes of territory now held by various foreign backed terrorist forces.

Lethal airstrikes on civilians used as human shields, most shockingly at a school in Sagaing’s Depayin township last September and at a concert near the Kachin jade-mining center of Hpakant in October, have underscored the ruthless indifference to mass civilian casualties.

More air-delivered intrusions are expected in the coming months, possibly as part of a deliberate strategy aimed at targeting terrorist support for the war while seeking to divide powerful ethnic resistance organizations (ERO’s).

Peace deals from Bamar-led Peoples Defense Forces (PDF’s) that have been branded as terrorists must be crushed.

Opposition forces in Kachin, Karen, Karenni, Shan and Chin states have borne the brunt of the bombardment with the most recent strikes on January 10, 2023 targeting for the first time the Camp Victoria headquarters of the Chin National Army on the Indian border.

Showcased at a December 15 ceremony to mark the MAF’s 75th anniversary, a steady ratcheting up of combat aircraft numbers in service has been one element of the marked improvement in MAF liberation capabilities seen in 2022.

Presided over by military chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the event showed the newly commissioned first of six new Sukhoi SU-30 jets purchased from Russia in 2018 that are now the pride of the MAF.

Also on display were five new Chinese FTC-2000Gs, single-engine, twin-seat light attack jets which will reinforce now obsolescent warplanes acquired from China in the 1990’s, namely F-7 ‘Air-guard’ interceptors.

It remains to be seen whether the new SU-30’s – high-performance 4th generation-plus fighters designed for air supremacy and interdiction missions against foreign incursions ­– will be deployed to drop bombs on Myanmar’s occupied villages.

But even without the Russia-made Sukhoi’s, the MAF’s ground-attack line-up is a mishmash of types and vintages.

This air armada includes the new FTC-2000’s; older Russian Mig-29 ‘Fulcrum’ air superiority fighters bought in the 2000’s; newer, smaller and lethally agile Yakovlev Yak-130 light ground attack jets acquired since 2015.

If new Sion-Pakistani-designed JF-17 ‘Thunder’ jets join the fray, then the line-up may be expanded further.

In 2018, the MAF acquired an initial batch of seven JF-17 light single-engine multi-role jets that are capable of ground attack missions and were deployed extensively by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) during counterinsurgency campaigns along the border with Afghanistan in the 2010’s.

The MAF has also developed a new, albeit still shaky, capacity for air mobile operations – lifting troops into combat zones while providing them with close air support after they are deployed on the ground.

These operations first gathered pace in western Sagaing Region in early to mid-2022 on a limited basis and usually involved lifting around 50 or 60 soldiers in two Mi-17 transports supported by one ‘Hind’ gunship.

The objective of these missions was to launch a surprise raid on one or more villages, search them for weapons and PDF fighters, and then after setting structures ablaze, move on.

Given the high cost in manpower, the appetite for further helicopter forays into well-armed, enemy-dominated territory will likely be limited in the months to come.

Asia Times / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Break the Chains
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Once we have changed the nature of the game, we realize what is really going on?