As President Donald Trump continues to face accusations that he may not accept a loss in the presidential race, a new report suggests Joe Biden will be looking to declare victory early and begin staffing immediately.

Biden will be addressing the nation as “its new leader,” depending on if media organizations are predicting him to be the winner.

This comes a day after Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Mason told reporters that the Biden camp will not pay attention to what Trump says and even suggested the president could “declare victory in an unfounded way.”

“We’re not really concerned what Donald Trump says on election night because what he says might have nothing to do with the reality of it,” she said. “We’re not going to get distracted nor influenced by it.”

Media projections are not always decisive: in the highly-contested 2000 presidential election, many initially suggested Al Gore was victorious over George W. Bush, but the Republican nonetheless claimed victory while the Democrat hesitated.

The suggestion of Biden addressing the nation on election night as president-elect based on media reports has set off conservative critics who see a double standard in media coverage of Trump’s willingness to accept results versus Biden’s.

“Because CNN should determine the Presidency? Solid liberal logic here,” Trump-supporting actor James Woods’ tweeted in response to Axios’ report. “Ah ok so declaring victory prematurely is good now,” Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams wrote.

President Trump has said on multiple occasions he thinks it’s “terrible” for ballots to be tabulated long after election day, and he would like a result on the same night.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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04-11-20 04:08

Over 5 million ballot counting have been delayed, although most of them came in by email a couple of days ago?

Reply to  Robin
04-11-20 04:10

Holding the elections hostage, under the cover of democracy?

Reply to  Batman
04-11-20 04:16

Also all of a sudden the voting results stopped coming in, when Trump was gaining momentum?

And why is it possible that most votes have counted (75%) in a couple of hours and the rest might need days to finish?

Doesn’t make any sense, so yes votes are being rigged. The media is already glorifying Biden win, because Trump was always a sore looser?.