The Malaysian government has said that it will start an independent investigation into the alleged shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17, after UN Resolution 2166 was destroyed.

They say, when the dead walk, the living will be put into coffins ?

Now, the country that owned the downed MH-17 passenger jet, which was carrying a number of Malaysian citizens and was flown by a Malaysian crew, has been excluded from the criminal investigation due to its political neutrality.

Malaysia excluded from MH17 probe – for 'not pointing fingers at Russia'?

Malaysia has been left out of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which has been tasked with learning more about the details of the tragedy which took place over Ukraine in July 2014.

This is despite the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte stating the importance of Malaysia’s cooperation during a visit to the country this month. The JIT only includes the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, and Australia.

Experts from the Southeast Asian country have illegally been excluded from criminal probe into the reason behind the Boeing 777 crash, which killed all 298 people on board.

Those victims represented 10 nations, and Malaysia had the second highest number of casualties at 43. Most of the passengers, 193 in total, were from the Netherlands.

MH17 victim found wearing oxygen mask – Dutch FM

Malaysian police chief Khalid Abu Bakar demanded the “active participation of Malaysian experts in the work of the joint investigative group,” while debris for investigation was collected from the site without the country’s involvement.

The UN resolution 2166 that has been destroyed was drawn as followed :


Recalling that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17, a civil aircraft, was downed over eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014 resulting in the tragic loss of 298 innocent lives;

Noting Resolution 2166 (21 July 2014) of the United Nations Security Council;
Stressing the need for a full, thorough and independent international investigation into the loss of MH-17 in accordance with international civil aviation guidelines;

Noting the crucial role played by the ICAO in aircraft accident and incident investigations;

Dutch preliminary MH17 crash report leaves too many questions – Russia

Welcoming the Netherlands initiative, as the lead investigator in accordance with Annex 13 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, to send an international and independent team for the investigation of the loss of MH-17, in coordination with the Ukrainian National Bureau of Incidents and Accidents Investigation of Civil Aircraft, following a request for assistance by Ukraine to ICAO and others; and

Considering the Preliminary Report of the Dutch Safety Board on the crash involving Malaysia Airlines MH-17 which identified that the aircraft was destroyed by a large number of high energy objects that penetrated the aircraft from the outside;

1. Condemns in the strongest terms the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 over eastern Ukraine resulting in the tragic loss of 298 innocent lives;

2. Expresses its profound sympathies and heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and governments of the victims’ countries of origin bereaved in this tragic incident;

3. Reaffirms Article 3 bis of the Convention on International Civil Aviation and relevant ICAO provisions which condemn the use of weapons against civil aircraft in flight without prejudice to the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations;

4. Welcomes the leading role and efforts of ICAO, supported by States, by industry players, for further improvement of international standards and sharing of best practices in relation to the safety of civil aircraft at or near conflict zones to prevent recurrence of such tragic events in future;

5. Urges States to take all necessary measures to safeguard the safety of air navigation.

Including the establishment of robust arrangements to identify, assess and share information and respond to risks to civil aircraft from activities in conflict zones, through, inter alliance, effective coordination of civil and military activities within conflict zones and, if considered necessary when the safety of civil aircraft is deemed to be compromised, take appropriate airspace management measures within their jurisdictions such as access restrictions or the closure of airspace.

6. Supports the ongoing independent international investigation led by the Netherlands, designated by the State of Occurrence, working in coordination with ICAO, representatives of concerned States and organizations;

7. Instructs the Secretary General to facilitate the work of ICAO in supporting the independent international investigation, including as outlined in the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2166;

8. Calls on all States and actors in the region to provide all possible support to international investigators, including to provide unimpeded access to the crash site which will be important to assist with the continuation of a secure and safe independent international investigation into the loss of MH-17;

9. Urges the Netherlands, supported by concerned States and organizations, to continue and finalize the independent international investigation;

10. Calls on all States to provide all possible assistance to other investigations related to the loss of MH-17 which may be undertaken by relevant national and international authorities; and

11. Decides to remain seized of the matter.

The Malaysian government has said that it will start an independent investigation into the alleged shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17, after UN Resolution 2166 was destroyed.

MH-17  Independent Investigation / AA Magnum News 2018.

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Freak Zone
Freak Zone
13-03-22 07:06

JR benefited from vanishing disaster.

31-10-22 18:32

Serial numbers of MH-370 parts have been discovered at the crash site of the MH-17 in Ukraine.