A  man who attempted to expose an elite pedophile ring of high ranking politicians and public figures that were raping and murdering children has been jailed in the UK.

After the inquiry was mysteriously dropped, the authorities turned their attention to the man named Nick. Nick had claimed he was systematically abused and tortured by senior politicians and members of the armed forces throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s.

According to the BBC, those he accused included former Conservative politicians Lord Brittan and Harvey Proctor, and Field Marshal Lord Bramall. Mr. Proctor has welcomed the decision to prosecute Nick.

After the Metropolitan Police launched Operation Midland in 2014 to investigate Nick’s claims, they held a press conference where a senior detective described the allegations as “credible and true”.

In 2015, the London Metro Police carried out a series of high-profile dawn raids on the homes of those Nick had accused. All of the suspects of them denied his allegations and the investigation was closed without anyone facing charges, having cost £2.5 million.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) head of special crime said there was “sufficient evidence” to bring 12 charges of perverting the court of justice and one of fraud.

The Met finally apologized for the way they had conducted Operation Midland and paid compensation to Lord Bramall and the family of Lord Brittan, who died in 2015.

A retired High Court judge, said the police force had made a series of errors in the investigation and made 25 recommendations on how police should handle similar allegations against the elite in the future.

Neon Nettle / ABC Flash Point UK News 2018. 

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20-09-20 19:13

Just like the Corona hoax, imprisoning people who are telling the truth?