British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss plans to declare China an acute threat to Britain’s national security, The Times has reported, citing ‘allies’ said to be familiar with the situation.

The foreign secretary, currently the front-runner in the race to replace Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party, recently summoned China’s ambassador to Britain after blaming Beijing for an aggressive and wide-ranging escalation in Taiwan.

Beijing has urged London and other Western countries to stop meddling in China’s internal affairs.

The proposed new status would give the Asian nation the same standing as Russia in an updated Integrated Review, a key government policy paper published in 2021 outlining the UK’s security, defense, development and foreign policy.

In last year’s review, Russia was defined as the most acute threat to [Britain’s] security in its Euro-Atlantic home region, while China was only defined as a systemic competitor due to its increasing power and international assertiveness.

But also the growing impact on many aspects British lives as China becomes more powerful in the world today. However, the UK continues to pursue a positive trade and investment relationship with China, while ensuring national security so that British values are protected.

Truss, 47, is one of the few members of the Johnson government who didn’t flee the sinking ship as Boris Johnson resigned last month in the face of a series of ongoing scandals.

Before that, she became the butt of jokes online after promising that Britain would support so-called Nazi-style Baltic allies across the Black Sea – two different maritime regions separated by more than 1,200 km of landmass.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Diplomacy News 2022.

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30-08-22 16:44

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30-08-22 22:56

Just how low does the UK stoop in its subservience to its “Lord & Master ” the US of A –it is stomach churning .

While at the same time in a Scottish port Scots Whisky is being exported to China –one thing is said for public consumption and behind the scenes its a different story.