Living to make the world go round, the masses live like rats in cages for the misleading human trafficking industry fabricated by elite sociopaths to guarantee their future bloodlines.

Marketed and programmed by the media and other money making entities, the middle lass is rapidly disappearing, thanks to human engineering schemes, running the denigrating horror show on planet Earth.

Multinational corporations bribe governments, in order to get corrupted mining permits to profit from, in exchange for so-called employment and development. Extortion, roving and plundering makes the evil very wealthy but extremely poor in spirit.

Like warriors of the wasteland, we are scratching for hope to make our families happy, but now that money has taken over all principles, we live in debt until the day we die. The greedy Uncle Sam tax scam will take a big hunk out of your labor benefits, period.

Fooling the crowd into madness that the tax money income will be used in favor of people’s interest, all the money flows to institutions and NGO’s, in order to support those against corporate entities that finally take our freedom away.

The infrastructure build is designed to fit the program and turn the global population into modern slaves for the imperialist and very evil Zionist entities to complete the human engineering program.

Our food is being altered by GMO style products that are made out of plastics and other poisonous and harmful. Monsanto is one of the world leaders in this core business plot.

Processed food is delivered through mass , where pesticides and other poisonous chemicals are added to the invention to feed the networks of deranged greed and derailed black nobility.

Especially fruit and vegetables rank top of the list. Wine, cheese and other flavors that are pumped into to our minds and bodies are the most derailed food sources people can imagine? Nowadays nuts seem to be the best type of food human can eat.

With the train running at full speed, an heavy crash is imminent to happen. Bio-Warfare is the new global sabotage weapon used against humanity these days. With Covid-19 in full blaze the playing field is reshaped for the NWO to profit from.

The propaganda industry guides us through the minefield of opportunities and setbacks. Only people igniting the survival mode have a chance to smell some kind of freedom.

Hilter’s right hand man Goebbels invented the propaganda machine to get the people on their hands during wartime. Another Nazi invention is the tourism industry sett up to destroy other nation cultures in exchange for money.

And for some odd reason the poor enjoy life better, while the rich are being haunted by a crowd of parasites behaving like leaches on a living carcass. The Talmudic elite uses child sex rings to dominate the managers of our global empire.

Our rulers are inter-connected through the Bilderberg group, Zionist based Freemasons and the illuminate networks using the banking cartel to suck the life out of people born to be enslaved.

The Hollywood entertainment and tourism industry will keep society @ bay, brain washing the ignorant into their dream world, and otherwise using pharmacy pills or other kind of hard drugs to keep people happy.

Life in a Nutshell / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
25-03-20 22:44

With thanks to the global Anglo-Zio Nazi swamp?

Bon Futuro
Reply to  Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
28-08-20 21:39

Living like rats in a cage waiting to be destroyed?

Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
19-10-20 21:22

Suicide or Gogo?