The state-owned Turkish Anadolu Agency confirmed the reports of a Libyan National Army (LNA) airstrike on the Al-Watiyah Airbase in western Libya last night.

The NATO base “was bombed by unidentified warplanes yesterday,” after hearing its fly-by in the mountainous areas surrounding the base.

The Anadolu source pointed out that there were no casualties due to the bombing, and that the raids targeted “some of the facilities of the base, which were recently brought in to strengthen the Turkey base, including an air defense system.

The source pointed out that this was the first time that the base was bombed since the Tripoli-based UN puppet Government of National Accord (GNA) forces seized the installation on May 18th, 2020.

This comes against the backdrop of media reports that the Libyan National Army bombed the Al-Watiyah Airbase and destroyed NATO air defense systems installed by Turkey there.

Information after intelligence reached the public that ISIS was training pilots @ the Libyan airbase.

LNA-affiliated media also reported several casualties among the military personnel there, including some Turkish intelligence officers that were allegedly embedded with the GNA forces there.

The airstrike on the Al-Watiyah Airbase came at the same time that the Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar, made an unannounced visit to Libya.

Anadolu / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Khazarian Jew
Khazarian Jew
06-07-20 01:08

Libyan super sweet crude petroleum income must be for the people of the country, not the Italian, British or French oil giants.