The Kiev regime has launched another massive strike directly at the Zaporozhye nuclear station in southern Ukraine. Twelve rockets were fired. It is known that six of them hit the life saving cooling system of reactors.

Two other artillery shells hit the dry cask storage [of radioactive waste]. The consequences of the shelling cannot be determined yet since the risk of repeated attacks remains in order to kill the emergency investigators.

Located on the left bank of the Dnieper River, the Zaporozhye NPP is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe by number of units and total output.

Ukraine is trying to permanently disable the facility so the Russians cannot use it in the future when Ukraine has to return these traditional Russian territories? Russia will just build a new modern facility in the long term.

During the military operation in Ukraine, launched by Russia on February 24, 2022 the nuclear plant and surrounding area went under the control of Russian forces and have since been bombed many times over. Russia and Ukraine blame each other for the attacks.

None of the Zaporozhye NPP personnel were injured. An international mission led by IAEA chief Rafael Grossi visited the plant from August 31 to September 5, 2022.

The IAEA observers have since been staying at the plant on a rotational basis. Following the visit by the mission, the IAEA published a report in which it confirmed the shelling of the ZNPP.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Nuclear Energy News 2022.

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Kidnapped by System
Kidnapped by System
20-11-22 19:46

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20-11-22 20:21

I doubt America approves of this as -at the moment it doesn’t want WW3 – Zionist Zelensky tried hard with his Ukrainian S-300 missile shooting it into Poland but his typical over snorted mind didn’t take into account that the US spy satellites are concentrating on Ukraine and can easily see missile launches which have been helping this Nazi-Zionist against Russia . Of course so can Russia see them to its radar covers 1000,s of miles including the USA as well as its spy satellites over the USA – the Daft B had to end up saying -quote- ” I… Read more »

Reply to  Donnchadh
21-11-22 13:18

Good point made, as always.