After multiple failed attempts to take over power in Venezuela, officials loyal to the US-backed self-proclaimed president Juanito Guaido have requested a meeting with US Southern Command to begin planning for a hostile military intervention.

Guaido’s ambassador to the US regime, Carlos Vecchio, published a letter he sent to SOUTHCOM requesting a “meeting with a military delegation to advance in strategic and operational planning” in order to “restore democracy in Venezuela.

Vecchio’s letter was swiftly condemned by the government in Caracas.

Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez said in an appearance on Venezuelan television, that she rejects the letter by one of the coup leaders asking for military intervention in Venezuela, who carry out terrorist activities to create confusion and destabilize our homeland.

Though Vecchio’s request was sent on Venezuelan embassy stationery, he does not actually have access to the embassy building in Washington, DC.

After Maduro’s government severed diplomatic ties with the USA, it gave permission to a group of American activists calling themselves the “Embassy Protection Collective” to occupy the building in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of Guaido.

Attempts to force them out by cutting off food supplies, water and electricity have so far been unsuccessful.

Despite claiming to command the loyalty of most Venezuelans, all of Guaido’s attempts to take over Miraflores Palace have ended in failure.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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03-06-20 22:50

That will never work, as the US Army Corps needs communication to deploy an attack. Russia and China now control the electronic warfare spectrum?

Reply to  baronmaya
26-07-20 12:14

The fools game?