It very important for Italy to meet a strategic partner like the Federation of Russia, and also necessary, in order to work out solutions to the main regional crises.

A fundamental question which has to be resolved, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte emphasized, is the crisis in Ukraine, which has provoked discussion about the basis of the relations between the European Union and Russia.

But, despite the persistence of the fake reasons that led to the European sanctions, an instrument which must be abandoned as soon as possible, the bilateral relationship between Italy and Russia remains « excellent ».

In an attempt to reduce tension : Conte said in Moscow, the alliance with Russia is stronger than ever, which also was the 25 October headline of the Russian Press agency Sputnik, which spoke of a 360-degree visit.

In reality, it was a 180-degree visit, because Conte (like Renzi in 2016) presented himself as the head of a member state of the European Union, and restricted his visit to economic agreements with Russia.

However, the Italian Prime Minister avoided mentioning the fact that Italy is a member of NATO, under command of the USA.

The North Atlantic Council which, on the basis of information supplied by the USA, unanimously accused Russia of violating the INF Treaty with behavior destabilizing EU security.

The Conte government supported de facto the US plan to abandon the INF Treaty and once again to deploy in Europe (including Italy) medium range nuclear missiles pointed at Russia.

These missiles will be added to the new B61-12 nuclear bombs that the US regime will begin to deploy, as from March 2020, in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and probably other European countries, with a so-called anti-Russia objective.

The new B61-12 nuclear bunker-buster bombs are deployed to destroy Russian underground facilities and command centers.

Voltaire Network / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa
14-02-20 12:51

Must be a member of the destruction committee?