Israel has been bombing Gaza for ten days straight, all as part of what Israel says is a response to incendiary balloons sent from Gaza into Israeli territory.

The night sky in Gaza has lit up in hues of red and orange every night for more than a week, with Thursday marking the ten consecutive night of Israeli airstrikes.

Despite reported efforts by Egyptian officials to mediate a cease fire, the cross-border tensions don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. The people in Gaza are isolated, and sentenced to live through a blazing hell.

The Hamas liberation movement released a statement on Friday saying it will not hesitate to wage a battle with Israeli forces, if the escalation, bombardment and siege [of Gaza] continues.

The Israeli military has maintained that the airstrikes are targeting outposts belonging to the military wing of the Hamas movement, who Israel says is responsible for explosive and arson balloons launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Local Palestinian media has reported several instances over the past week during which Israeli airstrikes have caused damage to residential and non-Hamas affiliated structures, and in some cases, injury to civilians.

Earlier this week, Wafa news agency reported that following an airstrike on the Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip,  a 3-year-old girl, 11-year-old boy, and a woman were hospitalized after sustaining serious injuries. “Serious damage” was also reported on homes in the area.

On Sunday, Palestinian media reported that a 35-year-old Palestinian man was critically injured after an un-exploded Israeli ordnance detonated in the al-Zaytoun neighborhood of the southern Gaza Strip.

Another woman was hospitalized in a separate airstrike in the Beit Hanoun Area in northern Gaza.

The latest bombardments come at a difficult time for Gaza’s 2 million residents, who suffer from daily issues with water, electricity, rising unemployment, and most recently, the Corona-virus plandemic.

On top of the constant threat of COVID-19 in Gaza, earlier this week, Gaza’s sole power plant shut down and halted operations, due to an Israeli ban on fuel imports into the territory.

While Gazan’s have been suffering from power cuts and hours-long blackouts for years, residents say that things are more difficult now because of the stringent COVID-19 measures.

Palestinians in Gaza have been going through daily power outages well over a decade, but now it’s tougher with the summer, a global pandemic, Israeli attacks, and just no light or internet to stay connected to the world and share the hell you are living through.

Gaza has no message for a world that disappointed Palestinians for decades, and saw us being prey to Israeli abuse, occupation, apartheid an ethnic cleansing. The world simply doesn’t care about Gaza, but justice will be served eventually.

Mondoweiss / ABC Flash Point Extermination News 2020.

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Albert Heijn
22-08-20 17:00

Genocide at the most extreme form, disguised as security measures?

Albert Heijn
25-08-20 15:07

After blowing up Beiruts gran silos and destroying 80% of the harbor import activities, it becomes clear who benefits from this event?