The Israel Defense Forces said Thursday, its war jets attacked over 140 targets overnight situated @ the world’s largest open air prison camp in Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

The IDF air strikes allegedly came in retaliation for a barrage of 150 rockets fired into Israel on Wednesday evening, of which only 25 were shot down by the Iron Dome defense system.

The Israeli military responded by targeting a cement factory used by Gazans to build escape tunnels, including a maritime tunnel shaft, and several other sites in the compounds of the Gaza 1.8 million people concentration camp,” the IDF tweeted.

​IDF also reported that an Israeli fighter jet had fired towards what it called a “rocket defense launching squad” in Gaza.

Previously, Israel accused militants in the Hamas-defended enclave of launching around 70 rockets into its territory. Most of them hit open areas.

The Israeli military said it had responded by launching an air strike at a vehicle allegedly used by another “rocket launching squad” in Gaza to fire a rocket at Israel.

The Israeli Defense Forces suffered their first casualties since the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict last week, with observers fearing that recent skirmishes are a powder keg waiting explode into a full-scale war.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Genocide News 2018.

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