Israeli regime forces executed two Palestinians and injured over 300 other people, during Friday demonstrations. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, of those injured, 85 were shot down with live ammunition, including 26 children along with 5 medics.

The Gaza Health Ministry confirmed the death, of a young Medic, Abdullah Al-Qatati, while the second Palestinian murdered was 55 year old, Ali Sa’eed Al-Alul.

For the first time, since the first 7 weeks of the ‘Great Return March’ campaign, Israel fired shells at demonstrators using tanks. The selling happened to demonstrators East of Al-Bureij refugee camp.

The Gaza Strip has been surrounded by Israeli military forces since 2008, blocking food, medical and other humanitarian supplies all together in order to round up the victims living in the largest open air prison camp in the world.

The Israeli regime forces ordered snipers to select and kill Palestinians at free will. About 17.000 buildings were destroyed by hostile Israeli air strikes, including schools, hospitals and cultural centers.

The world is watching the genocide taking place, while the UN desperately tries to stop the aggression towards the Palestinians living in the Gaza concentrations camp along the Mediterranean coast.

Almasdar / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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02-02-20 17:10

Female Israeli assassins?

29-01-23 18:47

What a tragedy, we never see this on MSM?