The Ministry of Education in Gaza has announced that 6 school students were killed and 15 schools were damaged in the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza.

The ministry pointed out that hundreds of school students have suffered from panic and trauma as a result of the shelling that targeted homes and civilians.

Gaza bombing

It called for international human rights organizations to assume their responsibilities toward the Palestinian civilians in Gaza and for holding the Israeli occupation leaders responsible before international courts for their crimes against humanity.

Although the Palestinian-Israeli conflict takes place within a relatively small geographic region, it receives great political and media attention, due to the involvement of many international parties and even major countries in the conflict.

This is a result of sensitivity in the Arab world and the Middle East region, and their countries’ richness in many natural resources. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has become the central issue in the region given its controversial Jewish behavior against  Arab and Islamic aspects.

Military occupation is carried out by an authority over an independent territory and the region is known as an occupied territory. However, what historical Palestine is facing goes beyond typical military occupation. This looks more like genocide.

So, apart from direct military occupation, the Zionist settler colonial occupation, the direct and indirect economic occupation and the cultural occupation, the Palestinians are facing an attempt to eradicate their political and cultural existence, which is a new, old reality in historical Palestine.

Historical Palestine was proof of the lively Palestinian human existence, which refutes the Zionist claim of “a land without a people for a people without a land.”

Palinfo / ABC Flash Point Extermination News 2020.

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