It is openly admitted that the current Right-wing Israeli government is the key driver of the Trump administration’s intention to destroy the economy of the sovereign state of Iran.

This is done to wipe the world’s oldest civilization off the map by a strategy of compulsory implementation of global US trade sanctions, which include a total embargo on Iranian oil to any NATO country or any other nation currently trading with the USA.

Since May 2018, the Trump administration has withdrawn from the JCPOA major powers agreement that curbed Iran’s nuclear program, re-imposed punishing sanctions on Tehran.

The US Zionist controlled regime also demanded that allies choose between Iranian oil and trading with the American market, and declared the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps to be a terrorist organization.

Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement and re-impose sanctions jeopardizes the landmark arms control agreement, under which Iran dismantled much of its nuclear program and international inspectors gained extensive access to monitor its compliance.

The agreement, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which was a vital peace initiative for the Gulf region and the Middle East, is now dead.

Of course, the state of Israel’s huge nuclear weapons arsenals are not subject to any UN inspection or compliance with international agreements.

It is the world’s only undeclared nuclear state and possesses stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction estimated to include up to 400 nuclear and/or chemical warheads.

The Trump administration published an updated military plan that envisions sending as many as 120,000 extra American troops to the Middle East should Iran accelerate work on nuclear weapons as a consequence of US attempts to destroy its economy.

It is unclear whether any Israeli troops would be involved initially but cruise missiles would be deployed from its German- supplied nuclear-armed submarine fleet and missiles from its US-built F-35i bomber squadrons.

If this continues to its logical conclusion it means that there will inevitably be an attack initially by Israeli cruise missiles with nuclear warheads against Iranian targets in an attempt to demolish Iranian deep defense installations.

A the same time the US 5th Fleet in Bahrain must keep the strategic waterway through the Strait of Hormuz open.

As for the UK, as a supporter of the Netanyahu regime it will continue its bilateral trade with Israel from the safety of its distance.

However, the Middle East as a whole including Israel will also suffer the catastrophic effect of ionizing radiation upon food and water supplies and upon the human population.

Casualties could run into hundreds of thousands on both sides as the conflict escalates and extends into Europe.

Now is the time for the EU to act urgently and decisively to divorce itself from the US-Israeli warmongering that is becoming such a dangerous threat to global peace.

And the United Nations Security Council must intervene without delay to avoid a catastrophic nuclear war.

Global Research / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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