Tension is silently mounting between Israel and Hezbollah on the Lebanese border, where frenetic preparations are taking place, under the watchful eyes of both parties. But is a third war possible today between Hezbollah and Israel after IDF’s failure in 2006.

Israel is increasing its patrols on the borders, rising the deployment of officers and soldiers in their static military positions on the Lebanese borders, and Israeliwarjets and reconnaissance drones are more frequently violating the Lebanese airspace.

Hezbollah is also improvising new positions to cover any gaps on the front, inland, and underground, increasing the level of alert and recalling its well-trained and experienced Special Forces (Al Ridwan units) from Syria to take preventive positions facing Israel.

Twelve years after the war that ended in August 2006, the drums of war are silently beating in the south of Lebanon. Since that date Hezbollah has increased its military capabilities and has stockpiled long-range accurate strategic missiles, solid fuel to ensure a rapid launch.

Moreover, Hezbollah has acquired anti-ship missiles that can close any Israeli harbor and hit any ship and oil platform in the Mediterranean. There are strong indications that Hezbollah has anti-air missiles in its arsenal and that its militants are trained in using these in air raids.

Also, its Special Forces have gone through all kinds of warfare in Syria, from open desert to urban warfare, dealing with car bombs, guided armed drones, suicide attacks, all accumulated significant military experience any army in the world would dream of acquiring.


Hezbollah has worked very closely with a classical army (the Syrian army), a Russian super power (the Russian forces deployed in Syria), with irregular guerrilla groups (Iran’s allies) and alone in dozens of battles- throughout these seven years of war.

Hezbollah’s strategic missiles are installed along the Lebanese-Syrian borders, inside the mountain chains, and under the ground to avoid Israeli bombs and also keep the action away from Lebanese residential areas.


Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has said if Israel decides to go to start a war, he will import the next war into Israel by sending ground forces to attack settlements and cities close to the Lebanese borders.

He promised to bomb Tel Aviv, the chemical storage depot at Haifa, the Dimona nuclear facility and research center in the Negev, and all military airports and institutions.

Iranian General Qassem Soleimani said, 74 members of the Lebanese Parliament are today in favor of the ‘Axis of the Resistance’ following the last parliamentary election. This comment is not expected to be swallowed easily by Israel and Saudi Arabia, who consider that entire Lebanon is under Hezbollah’s control.

The occupants of the ‘Holy Land’ are not Jewish, nor are they descendants of the 12 tribes (in any fashion). Those that claim to be Jews are Khazarian Jews, Jews that converted for convenience.

They are no more entitled to the land or the ‘title’ than when the Babylonians and/or Romans inhabited the land. They are genocidal occupiers.

The land should probably still be called Palestine? Their government is a REGIME by definition and they are just as ‘bad’ as the Nazi’s. This is the definition of a fascist government. These are not God’s chosen. Today’s Israel was created by the dying British empire.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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31-07-21 00:37

Those fake Jews were looking to create a second state of Israel in Crimea, closer to the place where the Ashkenazi started their episode?