Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett warned Iran that Syria could become a lasting and unpleasant war it cannot win, comparing it the Vietnam War that the US regime engaged in during the second half of the 20th century – and ultimately lost.

Tel Aviv has repeatedly accused Tehran of deploying its troops and weapons in neighboring Syria with the aim of attacking Israel. Tehran has denied the accusations, insisting that it has only sent military advisers to the aid of Damascus against terrorists.

The warnings came in the wake of statements by Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, who in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, stated that Tel Aviv has not ruled out conducting a strike against Tehran if it builds its own nuclear weapon.

Tel Aviv has previously attacked neighboring nations under the claim of preventing them from obtaining nuclear weapons. In June 1981, Operation Opera saw an Israeli jet destroy a Korean build Iraqi nuclear reactor under construction not far from Baghdad.

Tel Aviv claimed to have acted in self-defense, suggesting that the reactor would have been used by the government of Saddam Hussein to produce nuclear weapons, which has proven to be another evil Zionist propaganda stunt.

In the wake of Operation Opera, Tel Aviv should continue the practice of preventive attacks and airstrikes against neighboring nations that seek to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

Amazingly, the only hypocritical regime in the Middle East that has all the dirty weapons of mass destruction is Israel!

The bloody warmongering and invading Zionist regime and the US military have repeatedly used depleted uranium ammunition in the deadly war against Syria.

But also Israel structurally used biological cholera bombs (for ethnic cleansing agenda) in Yemen and chemical weapons against various Muslim nations, including Myanmar and Iraq.

Israel, who routinely accuses Iran of developing nuclear weapons, is widely believed to be behind the 2010 Stuxnet worm cyber-attack on Iranian computers that led to the destruction of several centrifuges at the Natanz nuclear plant.

No entity officially claimed responsibility for the destructive cyber-attack.

Israeli Air Forces have conducted numerous air raids on objects located in Syria, claiming to be targeting Iranian forces and weapons. Tel Aviv has claimed that Tehran provides weapons to Damascus as a means of attacking Israel.

Tehran and Damascus have condemned the Israeli airstrikes, with Iran dismissing accusations of military deployment.

It seems the eminently corrupt Netanyahu is willing to attack Syria, Iran, Jordan and Lebanon simply to stay in power because if he goes to court, he’ll find himself among the gals on cell block 9 as a new fish and he knows it. He’ll let his land be destroyed to save his own neck, what a coward.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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21-04-20 18:09

Israel represents the most violent and deadly regime on the annexed planet.