The first of five Iranian fuel tankers arrived in Venezuela on Sunday. After entering Venezuelan waters on Saturday evening, the Fortune was escorted by the Venezuelan Navy and Air Force.

The Iranian tanker is expected to dock Sunday night in the oil terminal of Puerto Cabello in Carabobo State, where it will supply the El Palito refinery.

The Fortune, flanked by a Venezuelan Navy escort, continues en route to Puerto Cabello. (@NicolasMaduro)

With four more tankers due to arrive in the coming days, Caracas and Tehran have defied threats from Washington.

Several news outlets reported that US officials are mulling actions in response to the Iranian shipment, while President Donald Trump claimed to have Venezuela surrounded.”

The energy cooperation is based on the productive development of the industry in both countries for the benefit of the people, while crippling US sanctions and their consequences for the Venezuelan oil industry.

With both Iran and Venezuela under punishing US sanctions regimes, the incoming shipment contains gasoline and alkylate, according to Reuters.

The gasoline supplies are estimated to cover Venezuela’s reduced demand under quarantine for an estimated 50 days, while alkylate supplies will improve domestic refining capacity.

US sanctions blocking imports of fuel, diluents and spare parts have generated widespread gasoline shortages, with most of the country’s refineries currently out of operation.

In the meanwhile the second oil tanker ‘Forest’ from Iran has entered the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Venezuela in early Sunday, met by the country’s Navy.

Three more oil tankers are expected to arrive to Venezuela from Iran. In total, all five vessels are carrying an estimated 1.53 million barrels of gasoline.

As ‘Forest’ was approaching the Latin American country, reports emerged that the tanker was followed by the US vessel ‘Adam Joseph’ – the same vessel that reportedly followed the first tanker ‘Fortune’ on Saturday.

Venezuela Analysis / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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24-05-20 23:37

USA taking no chances to avoid the closing of the Strait of Hormuz?