Kiev’s SkyUp Airlines has released a statement, confirming that major international insurance companies notified Ukrainian carriers on Saturday that they will stop covering aircraft flying over Ukraine within 48 hours.

SkyUp says that the move by insurers has also seen foreign lessors demand that their planes be returned to the EU as soon as possible.

The airline cited a recent flight from Portugal to Kiev which had to be rerouted after the jet’s owner prohibited the flight from entering Ukraine’s airspace. The plane ended up landing in Moldova’s capital, Chisinau.

Reports of an upcoming air closure over Ukraine, the country’s Ministry of Infrastructure insist that the airspace over Ukraine remains open, and the state is working to prevent risks to air travel.

According to its Facebook post, closure of airspace is a sovereign right of Ukraine, no decision has been made.

Earlier on Saturday, Dutch flag carrier KLM Airlines announced its decision to halt all flights over Ukraine, citing travel advice being adjusted to code red, along with an extensive safety analysis.

Meanwhile, speaking to Russia’s RBC news outlet, a representative for Germany’s Lufthansa did not rule out halting flights over the Eastern European country either. The German carrier has, however, not made any decision yet.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Aviation News 2022.

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Ba Kwe
Ba Kwe
13-02-22 13:19

In 2014 they flew over warzone, in 2021 they do not fly 700 kilometers from peaceful area.

El Greco
Reply to  Ba Kwe
13-02-22 13:38

comment image?itok=_WHGRDtm&timestamp=1444327692

13-02-22 13:19

Remote control flying aircraft into tall buildings as a smoke screen for controlled demolition is a specialty of Dumfukistan.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

El Kat
13-02-22 13:21

The West don’t get enough of screwing Ukraine. For as long as Russia doesn’t invade, Ukraine will be destroyed by its Western friends. I wonder why Germans are so indecisive.