It is shameful that President Donald Trump should face an onslaught of hysterical hatred for taking even the most cautious and tiniest of steps to try and scale back the US military presence across the Middle East.

The chaos and suffering inflicted on the region by the holier-than-thou “righteous” military interventions unleashed by Trump’s two predecessors George W. Bush and Barack Obama continue to pour suffering, persecution, starvation, violence and death on hundreds of millions of innocent people.

Other leading nations like the UK, France and Australia bluntly participated by jumping on board their war chariots and joining them in pouring down Fire From Heaven on one nation after another across the Middle East and South Asia that had dared to vote against Washington’s desires at the United Nations.

The ancient Christian communities and other fabled peoples, now small and fragile minorities of those lands were among the primary victims of the chaos and extremism that was then unleashed by the hostile Zionist entities.

Now the Hungarian government has now committed 650,000 euros to the Yazidi community in Iraq to support reconstruction work in the Sinjar region that was the historic Yazidi heart.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) murdered thousands of innocent Yazidis in its surge across the region in 2014 and forced the exodus of nearly half a million people belonging to the group.

The Hungarian government therefore has stepped in, even with its most limited resources and major security threats facing it to channel funds to the derailed communities.

Here is the government of a physically small and supposedly minor nation daring to break the silent global consensus of cowardice and silence in the face of aggression and evil.

Hungary’s leader have stepped out with the humble resources available to them in efforts to bring healing and offer sanctuary and shelter to the victims of Washington’s Sorcerers’ Apprentices welding their maniacal power run genocidal riot.

Hungary makes no pretense to being anything other than a small nation in terms of its size of territory, resources and population. But it is well on the way to proving itself a giant in moral leadership in Europe and now across the world.

Now the Hungarians have taken another bold and giant step by offering refuge to the Yazidi peoples who were so horrifically and memorably targeted by the surging Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) half a decade ago.

The Hungarians, in thinking boldly are establishing a precedent of vast importance: They are saying that the protection, support and rescue of the ancient Christian communities of the Middle East is a matter of the greatest moral, spiritual and even cultural importance.

Here are communities that have maintained their Faith and Tradition all the way back to the days of the Apostles themselves.

Strategic Culture / AB Canada Flash Point Middle East News 2019.

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Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn
17-11-20 15:46

Just to show that the EU does not care about Christians?