Millions of migrants from the Middle Eastern War Zones and water depleted Africa have arrived in the EU in recent years, with a human trafficker from Bosnia and Herzegovina explaining to RT how exactly they were able to make this journey.

It’s a sort of relay as migrants are passed from one group of smugglers to another as they make their way through the Balkans.

He said his team picks up people who cross from Serbia, near the Bosnian town of Bijeljina, and helps them cover some 340 km to reach the town of Cazin on the border with Croatia, which is an EU member state.

The groups, consisting of between five and 20 asylum seekers, are being transported at night through some wooded covered areas. For migrants, this route along the Adriatic Coast is still “easier” than trying to get to the EU through Bulgaria on the Black Sea.

The migrants reach Bosnia and Herzegovina through Serbia and also through small or big boats where they would sneak in. They also sometimes traveled by lorries – when they get under a lorry.

From Turkey they get transported to Bulgaria. While Bulgaria is in the EU, if they get caught there, they get sent back (to Turkey), because there are no asylum laws allowing them to stay there.

While migrants cross into the EU in Croatia, their ultimate goal is Germany. When they get there, it’s a done deal.

They’re being put in asylum centers and eventually receive residence permits. The people just throw their ID cards away so they can’t be deported, as German authorities don’t know where they come from?

Those people are “desperate” as they’re trying to flee conflicts in their home countries, while being barred from entering the EU legally.

They get lost, they are sent back and come back again several times when they get caught, with some of them being on the run for three to four years.

Max said he became a human trafficker because it paid much better than any legal job he could get in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s 300 to 500 euros per person. But it’s definitely not the most carefree way to make a living.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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Invasion of the Punk
Invasion of the Punk
11-11-21 19:38

A human slave worker can create income for 55 years in a row when employed @ a young age. More money to be made with a human as with the drugs- and or weapon trade.

Invasion of the Punk
Invasion of the Punk
11-11-21 23:14
12-11-21 11:06

Smugglers just trafficking about 5% of emigrants to Europe. SeaWach3, Ocean Viking monthly rescued thousands of emigrants off Libya coast and delivery them to Italy or Spain.Matteo Salvini was sued by one of Soros NGO Open Foundation Society

12-11-21 11:07

There are human trafficking smuggler rings in German France and elsewhere. There are also Polish ones. To cover up all this, they blame Belarus.

This is all theater by the Poles to squeeze money out of the EU to keep their struggling economy from collapsing, and from skyrocketing energy prices.

It is also a cheap and cynical way to improve the image of inept and failed Polish politicians.

12-11-21 11:08

Lukashenko accidentally uncovered a dirty scheme for transporting migrants through Belarus, Poland and Lithuania. these are the schemes of Germany and have been working for 5 years, a good profit for the Germans in the government, they also receive money for migrants. Now Poland has simply decided to close this source of income of Germany because of the sanctions imposed on Poland from the EU. And so that ordinary EU people do not find out about this scheme, Belarus and Russia are accused of smuggling migrants. Russia now needs to launch the Nord Stream 2, why should Russia escalate this… Read more »