The largest drugs producer in the world, Colombia and the largest cocaine consumer on our planet, the USA are both willing to bring their style of democracy to Venezuela. The DEA even called Venezuela a narco-state in order to blame Maduro for the republic’s problems.

After former Bolivarian president Chavez asked the US oil companies to leave Venezuela or to start sharing their profits with the oil-rich republic, the IMF started started a evil destruction campaign, using the dollar to derail their economy.

About three million Colombian refugees living in Venezuela, bordering Colombia plundered the state supported supermarkets to flow away basic foods and medical supplies @ the rate of 2 billion per year, the people in Venezuela started to suffer big time.

More US sanctions and unjustified confiscations for Venezuela’s state representatives, violent protests and several failed coup attempts crippled and finally cracked the Bolivarian socialist system.

Terrorists ignited several fires @ the Venezuelan refineries, while the USA excluded Venezuela to buy new ‘patented’ spare parts. Two months ago a tanker mysteriously rammed a oil docking platform to cut the countries oil sales by 30%.

Since 2018, Colombia suddenly became a member of NATO in order to prepare a military invasion into Venezuela. Maduro has a though future ahead of him, but took full responsibility for the economic downturn and promised the people that he will rebuild all that has been destroyed by traitors and their evil foreign entities.

He introduced a new governing style in order to escape more destruction in order to guide Venezuela back into the driving seat. Caracas created the Petro crypto currency to replace the dollar in order to steer his country back out of troubled waters.

Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves and the world’s second largest gold deposits. For this reason Venezuela can never go bankrupt, what the outside institutions try to do is not possible by nature.

The Petro and gold can now be traded on a Chinese Financial Exchange, to avoid the destructive US sanctions. Venezuela spends almost 70% of their state income to improve public infrastructures, giving people free housing and other type of social support.

With the financial help from China and the military support from Russia, Venezuela must outperform and dodge the hostile take-over attempt inflicted by evil Khazarian entities.

ABC Flash Point Oil News 2018.

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Prima Donna
Prima Donna
21-01-21 11:55

Meten met twee maten, wat van NL is blijft open en wat lokaal of Venezolaans is moet de weg ruiimen voor ontwikkeling?