The Guantanamo prison is the worst place on Earth and, with all the torture occurring there, it is in effect a human laboratory which experiments on inmates. Everything at the notorious US military camp is designed to break its inhabitants.

Established by the Bush administration in 2002, the facility has long been criticized for mistreatment and abuse of prisoners, with human rights activists and international organizations calling for its closure.

Former US President Barack Obama vowed to shut the camp down but faced strong opposition from Congress. His successor, Donald Trump, signed an order to keep the detention camp open indefinitely, while incumbent Joe Biden has promised to close it.

The American authorities have since shut down secretive Camp Seven, where highly classified prisoners were kept, and transferred them to other accommodation blocks.

Yet no announcement on the full closure of the camp has followed. In July, the White House announced that the Biden administration is aiming to close the detention facility for good and working to transfer its remaining prisoners out, but no date has been set.

Former detainee Mansoor Adayfi, originally from a tribal area in Yemen, finished high school and was working in a security company before he was kidnapped by warlords in Egypt and handed over to the CIA in 2002.

Adayfi registered as detainee 441 recalled that on the way to Guantanamo he had over 40 hours of beatings, loud music, and was chained to the floor, hooded, gagged and blindfolded.

They put duct tape over his mouth. It was horrible. He wished to die because you cannot hear, you cannot talk and understand. You only feel the pain and the hitting. Then when he arrived at Guantanamo it only became worse.

That is how Adayfi became “Detainee 441” for the next 14 years. He remembers that American soldiers repeatedly told him. You are under full the control of the USA.

At Guantanamo Bay, the torture continued – Adayfi again experienced beatings, being stripped naked, and other violations.

US authorities liked to give legal names to the practices they used at the notorious camp. They never used the word torture, but rather enhanced interrogation techniques.

In 2002, General Geoffrey Miller was appointed to head Guantanamo shortly after the Bush administration approved so-called enhanced interrogation techniques.

Miller, with experience of running other notorious CIA-run facilities, including Abu Ghraib, Camp Cropper, and Camp Bucca, retired in 2006.

After his retirement, a number of allegations of torture under his command in Guantanamo emerged. For example, a French court summoned him back in 2016 over allegations of torture from a prisoner.

In Guantanamo, everything was designed to break us – interrogation, torture, noise, sleep deprivation, loud noises, loud music in the interrogation room, beating, little food, stripping naked; it was hard.

Time passed, and as prisoners tried asserting themselves against their prison guards, Adayfi emerged as a leader in the prison resistance.

He organized hunger strikes to protest the poor treatment of prisoners, or “brothers,” as he called them. The prisoners spent years on hunger strike and subsequent force-feeding.

Adayfi spent 14 years in Guantanamo, and was released in 2016 without any charges. He entered it as a young man and left a fully-grown man.

He spent half of his life behind bars and feels that he is a different man now. He adapted to that reality, and recalled that the prisoners tried to support each other, protecting the younger and supporting the older.

The hardest moments in the prison were those when he learned about the death of fellow prisoners. It was one of the most difficult things. Waking up in the middle of the night hearing those guards scream.

The guards would tell them that the prisoners committed suicide, but Adayfi couldn’t believe that. It’s been five years since Adayfi was freed.

Since then, he has published a book about his life in the prison, entitled “Don’t Forget Us Here: Lost and Found at Guantanamo.”

He is now working on a new book about his life after the prison. He is living in Serbia, but has problems finding work or traveling to another country.

Adayfi has recently finished his thesis on rehabilitation and reintegration of former Guantanamo inmates into normal life, and sent a copy to the US government. He also still maintains contact with other former inmates.

The Zionist USA used the war on terror for military expansion, to invade Afghanistan, to invade Iraq. They sent their satanic soldiers, created a military campaign, to commit drone assassinations.

Imagine those victims, entire Muslim families wiped out in those drone attacks.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2021.

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05-11-21 00:09

This makes a joke of US talking about human rights. But we already knew that.

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05-11-21 00:11

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Truth Teller
Truth Teller
05-11-21 00:11

That is the reason why the US is so afraid of Iran becoming a country that possess nuclear weapons. The US is also afraid of any black country acquiring nuclear weapons. US is a white dominated country just like Europe with a very bad history of torture and doing inhuman things to other non white countries. They (the US and the other white dominated countries in Europe) knows that one day these victimized countries will take revenge.

05-11-21 08:51

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Reply to  Kaka
05-11-21 08:52

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