The United Kingdom has recently witnessed an influx of rat mobs venturing into town centers as the rodents have apparently grown bolder amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Daily Star reports.

The lack of footfall in certain areas of towns and cities, one pest control firm employee reportedly explained, led to changes in rats’ behavior as they were no longer being disturbed by regular human activity and noise.

While rats were previously reluctant to openly move through high streets, they became more brazen as those areas became deserted due to lock-downs imposed to curb the spread of the disease.

As Paul Blackhurst of Rentokil pest control explained, the lack of footfall in certain areas of towns and cities saw these nocturnal and fearful creatures become more confident as they were not being disturbed by regular human activity and noise.

Now, with regular business activity gradually returning, and with potentially more people now eating out, food waste is naturally on the rise and this could increase the number of rodents and other pests looking for an easy meal.

For offices, restaurants, bars and cafes, it is time to take note and mitigate against the risk of reputational and financial damage that a rodent infestation can bring.

According to the newspaper, central London and south east of England became the biggest rodent hot spots, witnessing a 91.4% year-on-year rise, with the North West, North Wales and Midlands experiencing 86.4%.

Rentokil also reportedly mentioned a 73% increase in people inquire about fleas, with the company suggesting that it may be related to an increase in lock-down pets over the last 12 months.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Wildlife Blog News 2023.

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10-06-23 15:43

The cause is very easy to understand –in its drive to get rid of cars in towns ,roads are narrowed -“avenues ” with double bike lanes are built and shops close due to lack of business .

People that used to live in town centres are driven out leaving yuppie types to buy from upmarket restaurants and coffee bars and its still going on in the UK.

Bikes don’t buy from normal public shops .

They brought it on themselves therfore I have little sympathy as they now don’t cater for the poor but those with money.

Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
Reply to  Donnchadh
10-06-23 17:40

Elite extracting wealth and opportunity from the next ones in line?