According to Max Kaiser, Gold, silver & bitcoin are the ‘THREE HORSEMEN of the APOCALYPSE’ to end financial apartheid in this world.

Max Kaiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the US Federal Reserve’s endless money printing, particularly during the Corona-virus plandemic. They look at historical gold, dollar and Fed Funds rate charts to see if they can find answers.

All of the cash that has been printed in the USA has been hoarded by the bankers to keep their balance sheets solvent by filling up the tank, even though the tank has a massive leak.

Max says, adding that the leak goes magically into the pockets of just a few of their friends, it’s what we call financial apartheid, while polishing away the fraudulent deceptions.

He explains that the process is continuing unabated at the moment “but the gold vigilantes, the silver vigilantes, and the bitcoin vigilantes are now riding into the town.

Those are the three horsemen of the apocalypse, gold, silver and bitcoin. They are now the new sheriff in town, leading the hot war, after the currency- and trade war failed to materialize the derailed objectives?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Bitcoin News 2020.

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01-08-20 00:47

The final stages of the US Dollar collapse?

16-08-20 15:12

Good news for the awakened?