In this episode of Keiser Report’s annual Summer Solutions series, Max and Stacy talk about the role technology plays in causing the deflation that may lead to an abundant future, if the gains are shared.

Transitioning from an inflationary world to a deflationary world, people should be scared. There’s going to be a disruption and that disruption is coming no matter what.

There’s nothing fundamental that governments can do to stop the rate of technology progress. And if you just ask about what technology does – it’s supposed to remove labor.

All companies use technology to reduce labor and they use it to provide abundance, the tech expert says.

What the industrialists don’t seem to understand is that – if we can’t spend, then they will have nobody to buy their wares, and they won’t be able to accumulate jack – regardless of who they bribe or corrupt.

And what’s happening is that you have technology moving at an exponential pace, driving prices down, and governments all around the world caught in an inflationary trap that they created themselves out of the monetary policy, fighting against that force.

Isn’t it good when the value of your money goes up and prices go down, like for you personally? That people then could work less time and the abundance of technology would be broadly distributed instead of being concentrated, like it is today.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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22-06-21 21:24

Yet, through the existence of government and its monopoly of violence for sale, giant companies are able to monopolize all the gains, including the theft gains of taxing the general population since the big companies are not only not taxed, they get corporate welfare from their puppet governments, expand their power exponentially and keep competition dead in the water.

Soon there won’t be a need for a face through governments anymore and they’ll take over once these collapse, and they’ll come as “saviors” and people will eat it, as they eat anything thrown their way.