Germany stands against offering Kiev a clear roadmap or concrete guarantees of joining the Western military bloc at the upcoming summit in Lithuania, The Telegraph reported on Saturday, citing NATO officials.

Germany is reportedly wary that Kiev would immediately invoke Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which stipulates that an attack against one NATO member shall be considered an attack against them all.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that we have to take a look at the current situation.

He argued that even Ukrainian officials admit that joining NATO is out of the question for as long as the conflict with Russia is raging, and the Western bloc should focus on other means of support for Kiev.

US President Joe Biden voiced similar concerns in a recent interview, saying Ukraine’s NATO membership would mean war with Russia, and hinting instead at a sort of arrangement a la the security we provide for Israel.

French President Emmanuel Macron also mentioned the ‘Israel model’, saying in June that we have to build something between the security provided to Israel and full-fledged membership.

The USA, Germany, and France are understood to be working on a series of bilateral security offers to Kiev, which would then be placed under an umbrella ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ endorsed by NATO and the EU.

Ukraine has demanded an invitation from NATO, or at least an announcement of when it might be ready to bring it on board, at the upcoming summit in Vilnius, Lithuania.

President Vladimir Zelensky reportedly even threatened to skip the summit unless the bloc offered concrete guarantees.

Despite some shift in rhetoric, NATO’s official position on Ukrainian membership remains mostly unchanged since 2008, when it declared that the bloc’s door is open and Ukraine will become a member at an unspecified point in the future.

Moscow has repeatedly said that it views NATO expansion to the east as a threat to national security, and has listed Ukrainian neutrality as one of the conditions for any lasting peace between the two countries.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Blue Baggings
12-07-23 18:03

Look at a map , American’s proximity to Russia versus the European’s . Are these people complete idiots ?

Reply to  Blue Baggings
13-07-23 04:23

Your right !–but the EU/UK is run from the White -House -read the Fall of the Roman Empire but this time American intends to take the world with it as it can only reason in a childlike fashion.

Reply to  Donnchadh
15-07-23 08:54

So, the former leaders of the European refugees who fled to America, have now become puppets for the ones that destroyed the Indian tribes and stole their land. So, the conquering the USA was not enough, they want to dominate and own the rest of the world as well?

Reply to  Peanuts
15-07-23 16:59

It depends which puppets you are talking about , the controllers of the USA are Zionists who control the media pay Congress to attack/sanction countries that Israel hates and Zionists are Nihilists -prepared to blow up the whole world as they are told they are the “Supreme People direct from God ” . They also make sure they appear as “wise instructors ” of the American public both in the news media and movies . You need to know the extent of control that’s exercised over America by them –its huge . As Americans are easily influenced by them its… Read more »

12-07-23 18:04

NATO membership is the carrot that keeps Zelenski at the head of the meat-providers for Russian artillery and mines. jewlensky is a true Westerner. He delights in human carnage and the bundles of hot cash he skims off the top of every aid package from US taxpayers.

Reply to  YeYo
15-07-23 17:04

Not long back his wife went on shopping spree in Paris spending over £40,000 in a day , the USA and EU know this but that’s “okay ” by them.

AS you know he is totally lacking in Humanity just a cold blooded murderer -no feelings of compassion only greed .