Former Georgian Minister for National Security, Igor Guiorgadze published a 100 000 page report, proving that the Gilead Sciences lab at the Richard Lugar Centre, Tbilisi (Georgia) performed chemical- and biological weapons tests for the Pentagon.

These experiments, supposed to fight Hepatitis C, have cost the lives of 73 patients, of which at least 49 have been deliberately sacrificed.

General Igor Kirillov is the lead for the biological, chemical and nuclear fight in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

He considers that the strains found in the animals that died from the “porcine plague” epidemic in Russia in 2007-18, are identical to those of the Richard Lugar Center known by the name Georgie-2007.

The porcine plague epidemic has spread during the decade from Georgia to China on the one hand and Russia and the Baltic countries and now Belgium.

The porcine plague epidemic continues to thrive in Belgium. It did not seem to be linked to this phenomenon because of the distance separating Belgium from the contaminated areas.

However the Minister of Agriculture of the Belgian region of Valonia, René Collin, has revealed that the Belgian epidemic originates from the military base in Lagland, in the Belgian province of Luxembourg.

The documents that form part of the study, could also allow a connection to be made between the Gilead Sciences trials and the mosquitoes that carry the haemorrhagic fever Crimea-Congo, which is currently spreading in Southern Russia.

Among the documents that Igor Guiorgadze made public features a patent for a drone capable of disseminating infected insects; a discovery that must be linked to the DARPA research studies on how crops are infected.

Russia has sought explanations from the USA and, in anticipation that these are not produced or are lacking, is getting ready to go to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OIAC).

Voltaire Network Organization / ABC Flash Point Science Blog News 2018.

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Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow
09-04-23 17:18

The usual suspects?