Ex-NATO Commander, James Stavridis wants the US regime to ban Russians from entering the USA & sanction key leaders including President Putin.

He even suggested that Washington go beyond sanctions and directly target Russian civilians and even President Putin himself.

Stavridis believes that even if the new measures are put in place, it would not be enough to deter Russia from attempting to interfere in the 2020 elections.

Stavridis’ demands are most likely just in keeping with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s ‘do as we say if you want your people to eat’ collective-punishment sanctions strategy.

Unfortunately, the ex-NATO commander continues, the USA seems to be experiencing some “sanctions fatigue” in the words of Marco Rubio.

US Congress is apparently getting a little tired of constant efforts to dominate foreign countries through economic punishment.

If economic and personal sanctions fail to coerce Putin, there is always the option of directly punishing ordinary Russians, just like the regime does to all the other targeted countries in the world.

The USA could also refuse to participate in helping rebuild Syria, and forgo helping to secure oil prices, Stavridis suggests.

ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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Baroc Bordello
Baroc Bordello
16-12-20 12:14

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