Boeing will be further changing the software architecture of the 737 MAX flight-control system after new flows discovered during the Simulator tests in June.

During a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) simulator test, it was discovered that the MCAS automated systems takes input from one flight control computer at a time, which need to be modified to take input from both computer.

This new finding is top of the earlier required changes to take input from both angle-of-attack sensors in the MCAS system.

Boeing 737 for decades, the automated systems take input from only one computer on a flight, switching to use the other computer on the next flight.” reported Seattle times.

In response to the new findings, Boeing developed the plan to fundamentally change the software architecture of the MAX flight-control system to take input simultaneously from the two flight-control computers.

The proposed software architecture switch to a “fail-safe,” two-channel system, will not only address the new microprocessor issue but will also make the flawed Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) that went haywire on the two crash flights more reliable and safe.” reported in Seattle times.

Boeing still hopes to complete the software redesign by the end of September to submit to the FAA for approval in October.

News in Flight / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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22-02-20 10:55

The downfall of Boeing?