Women unashamedly wearing mustaches or men that abandon their masculinity because it’s ‘toxic’, are the latest smoke screens capitalist overlords use to hide real issues and stay in power.

Gender (identity) equality is in fact the new drive fueled by the big corporations that do not want people to challenge the existing status quo in more substantial ways.

This is a part of a larger phenomenon, which follows the logic that if women try to be beautiful or to obey the models of beauty in a traditional sense they objectify themselves for men.

So, for show, women should re-appropriate their bodies to exhibit that a woman’s body, especially sex organs, are not what they are for the gaze of men, but has its own positive function that should be appropriated by women because women cannot be reduced to being just sex objects for men.

However, in spite of all the talk about free sexuality liberated from binary heterosexual restraints, what we are basically dealing with here is an attack on sexuality as such.

We all know that human sexuality is not just something biologically predetermined – as the traumatic experiences of transgender people prove.

In your psychological identity, you can be a woman trapped in a masculine body, and you are ready to suffer quite a lot to change your body so that it fits your inner psychological identity.

Yet, to make a big jump from here to a claim that sexual difference is just one among the oppressive constructs of those in power and that we should playfully engage in multiple sexual identities, is just a game.

It obliterates the basic lesson of Freudian psychoanalysis, which is that sexuality in itself is something pretty dark. It is not a happy domain. It is a domain of deep traumas, masochist reversals and so on.

As experience with political correctness demonstrates, if you try to liberate sexuality in this simplistic sense and get rid of this heterosexual normative and let all the different forms proliferate, you end up in an even worse oppression.

There is a chance that big companies are already playing these games. Probably some of our readers remember a Gillette ad from about a half a year ago, where a father helps his ex-daughter, who is now a boy, to shave herself for the first time with Gillette.

There is absolutely nothing subversive in this ‘play with different identities, experiment with yourself’ attitude. It is simply a perfect form of sexuality for the late consumerist capitalism.

Elites seek to divert female emancipation drive away from changing political status quo. It is a kind of false openness which also functions as a way to avoid radical mobilization and radical solutions.

When we are focused on whether a woman can wear a beard or a man can put on lipstick, no one wants to talk about the continuing terrifying oppression of women, of the exploding rape culture in Mexico and South Africa.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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25-03-20 13:23

More then half of the US House of Representatives are women now?