US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has arrived in North Korea to press Pyongyang for a “more detailed mutual commitment” to de-nuclearization following Kim Jong-un’s historic summit with President Donald Trump.

Pompeo is flanked by North Asia experts from the State Department, CIA spy agency and National Security Council and is due to hold talks with senior officials in Pyongyang this weekend over de-nuclearization, as well as return of the possible remains of invasive US soldiers that went missing during the Korean War between 1950- 1953.

The US diplomat met with Kim Yong-chol, a senior North Korean official who, along with Pompeo, played a key role in arranging last month’s meeting in Singapore.

The US President Trump told Pompeo he believes that Kim Yong-chol wants a different, brighter future for the people of North Korea. The US military has temporarily canceled their hostile “war exercises” on North Korea’s borders.

However, Trump’s National Security Advisor and war hawk John Bolton, does not want to believe Pyongyang intends to give up its nuclear or ballistic missile weapons program, unless the US military completely withdraws their troops form South Korea.

In recent months Trump has redeemed Kim, describing him as “very honorable” and “nice” while insisting that North Korea is “no longer a nuclear threat.”

Former CIA director, Pompeo also stated repeatedly that Kim is rational, and believes that North Korea’s leader is serious about his negotiations.

Corralling the US president’s rhetoric on North Korea is only a part of Pompeo’s challenge on this trip, which includes later stops in Japan, Vietnam, UAE and Europe.

Pompeo’s visit to Pyongyang will be closely watched in the region, as he is scheduled to meet with officials from US allies South Korea and Japan in Tokyo on Sunday following his talks with North Koreans.

However insider analysts said that, by pointing to a ‘brighter’ future, Pompeo means an atomic bomb on DRPK which gives a ‘brighter’ light. The chief gangster is there to steal stuff and to stab them in the back. That his nature like any Zionist.

North Korea has large deposits of different minerals like tungsten valued @ $9 trillion. Any opening for American capitalist enterprises to enter the lucrative North Korean market is a gain and a giant leap forward towards to so-called peace.

Pompeo visits North Korea to convince the North Koreans to destroy their nuclear arms to pave way for easy invasion by America and allies and “colonization” of the entire peninsula.

I don’t think North Koreans are fools to joke with their national sovereignty after seeing what happened to Libya, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq after they had agreed to disarm. / ABC Flash Point Asia News 2018.

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