All of Europe’s Powerful Countries are effectively Leaderless, meaning the EU is politically completely adrift. The only strong leader in Europe at the moment is Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán but he’s a Eurosceptic.

The political chaos in Europe is the worst “since the times of WW II”. Merkel, Macron, and May are all in serious trouble, and unable to lead their deteriorating countries.

Actually, Europe’s political landscape hasn’t been in such a sad state since the times of WW II. See for yourself, on the background of the recent Yellow Vest events in France.

The rating of the French people’s trust in President Macron has hit a record low of 18%. Nearly as low as Poroshenko’s. About 70% of the French are not content with the government’s policy. It means that France doesn’t have a leader.

The UK is also without a leader. Never before has Theresa May’s cabinet been in such a tough position. After her aligning the Brexit agreement with the EU, four ministers, associated with the Brexit, left the Cabinet to express their protest.

Whatever you may think, it means that the UK followed France in losing her political leadership.

For Chancellor Merkel, it means an extended farewell. Before that, she announced that she wasn’t planning to run for another term as chancellor.

Presently, Merkel no longer the leader of her own party. A lame duck. It means that Germany does not have a leader either as nobody expects any decisions from Merkel. Nothing depends on her any longer.

Meaning all three of Europe’s strongest countries lost their leadership at the same time, and at such a critical moment: the Brexit plus pressure by the USA.

While Italy is calling their own shots now, Poland is nothing but a parasite on the EU’s body, receiving €20 billion in subsidies alone, at the same time playing the role of the US’s Trojan horse in the EU.

Austria is throwing cautious glances toward Russia. Spain is more worried about Gibraltar. The Netherlands is too self-consumed. Sweden is full of migrants.

Denmark is starting to measure the distance between her shores and Nord Stream II.

Therefore, Europe is in a leadership crisis, and its willpower is paralyzed by Hybrid warfare, putting NATO @ the losing end.

Russia Insider / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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01-03-20 23:03

The European horror show stealing money from the hard working underpaid tax payers.