Turkey shares an 822 km border with Syria, a country which has suffered bombardment from all angles since 2011, including several EU member states, such as the Netherlands, UK and France.

This newly build 764 km wall between Turkey and Syria, funded by none other than the European Union to stop the flow of migrants into Europe

However, most the 10 million Syrian war refugees have been rounded up in prison or concentrations camps situated in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Greece and Italy.

Germany has also sucked up millions of war refugees, while the Netherlands found a lucrative way to exploit them as cheap alternative labor slaves in construction and cleaning industries.

Next time an EU politician is giving an ethics lecture in regards to immigration and the Syrian conflict, keep this in mind.

The Turkish Separation Wall runs through the provinces of Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Kilis, Hatay, Mardin and Sirnak and incorporates physical protection, including electronic surveillance and other advanced layers of technology.

The physical layer includes modular concrete walls, patrol routes, manned and unmanned towers and passenger tracks.

While the EU and its loyal followers persistently preach that any form of borders are racist, many will be shocked to learn that the construction of this wall was largely funded by the 28-member state union.

“The EU states have provided the government in Ankara with security and surveillance technology valued at more than 80 million euro’s in exchange for the protection of its borders.

This included the transfer of 35.6 million euro’s by Brussels to the Turkish company Otokar as part of its IPA regional development program for the construction of armored Cobra II military vehicles, which are now being used to patrol the border to Syria.”

Additionally, in 2016, the EU pledged €3 billion to Turkey under the guise of humanitarian aid to the Syrian refugees in the country.

In reality, this deal served to trap the existing 3.5 million refugees in Turkey and left those hoping to flee their war torn country at even further risk.

Once these resources are to be used in full, the EU will mobilize an additional €3 billion to the end of 2018, as confirmed by a press release of the European Commission.

I Am Awake / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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11-10-20 20:10

Looks like the Turks do not want the Zionist invaders to move up and occupy its territory?

06-10-21 13:58

No news of this on CNN or FOX networks?