During a visit to Jordan, top EU diplomat Federica Mogherini said the EU believes the only realistic solution for the conflict in the Middle East is the promised two-state solution.

The EU intends to see Jerusalem as the capital both of the State of Israel and the State of Palestine. Earlier Mogherini canceled a trip to Jerusalem, where she was invited to speak at an event organized by a Jewish lobbying group.

She reiterated the EU’s stance on Jerusalem after President Trump’s controversial decision to move the American embassy there, and amidst deadly protests in Gaza, with over 100 Palestinian fatalities.

Since 2008, the Gaza enclave has been completely surrounded by the Israeli military forces. Everyone that tries to escape has been shot and killed by sniper fire. The genocide must stop in order to find long lasting peace in the Middle East.

Thanks to Israel, Gaza became the largest open air prison concentration camp in human history. About two million people live in fear and regulated poverty. This horror show must stop.

Removed from their own sovereign lands, already 7 million of Palestinians have been deported to refugee camps in Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

Flash Point Holocaust News 2018.

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Jason Hobs
Jason Hobs
11-04-23 19:08

Wasn’t that the plan as part of an agreement made in Oslo?