The ruling right wing VVD party and the Party for Freedom were among the parties that opposed the motion titled “Measures in case Israel goes ahead with annexing Palestinian area.”

However, the Dutch parliament passed this motion calling for the government to prepare sanctions against Israel if it applies its civilian law in the West Bank, following the lead of Belgian lawmakers.

The Dutch motion, submitted by Sadet Karabulut of the Socialist Party and two colleagues, was backed Tuesday by parties with a majority of 87 lawmakers among the 150 in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house.

Several motions in favor of recognizing Palestinian statehood failed to pass there last week. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Israel will apply Israeli law on parts of the West Bank as early as July 1.

The claim that “annexation would be a gross violation of international law” and that “the Netherlands and the EU repeatedly have taken measures against countries that violated international law in order to continue its deportation policy”

Jerusalem Post / ABC Flash Point Middle East News 2020.
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Bolshevik Jew
01-07-20 10:39

The Netherlands represents the Jewish state in Europe?

Khazarian Jew
Khazarian Jew
03-07-20 02:07

Ander stelsel, om dezelfde poppetjes aan de macht te houden is een voorstel van de poppetjes……..Je hebt niets te kiezen, zolang zij dicteren……hoe je het kiesstelsel ook maar vorm wilt geven…….De politiek is gewoon het handels agentschap van de multinationals, met hun centrale factor, de BANK, die al de touwtjes in handen heeft en niet wil stoppen met woeker op mens plant en dier………Vormverandering is puur cosmetisch en nooit wezenlijk, zolang de slagers hun eigen vlees mogen keuren en je doorlopend een voedselvergiftiging bezorgen.