Denmark’s unwillingness to involve Russia in the investigation of the terrorist attack on the Nord Stream pipelines may indicate that Copenhagen knows the perpetrator.

On Wednesday, Denmark and Sweden stated that they plan on excluding Russia from the investigation of the situation of the incidents at the Nord Stream gas pipeline.,470

Official Copenhagen proceeds from the fact that this incident is not an accident, but the result of deliberate actions and considers it necessary to conduct an international investigation of this incident.

At the same time, according to the foreign minister, Denmark does not intend to have a dialogue with Moscow on this issue.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that these actions could suggest that Denmark knows the perpetrator of the attacks.

This can only be explained in one way — they probably know who did it, so Moscow’s opinion is simply not interesting, because the suspect has already been identified, and it is already possible to bring him to justice.

Nord Stream pipelines suffered fuel leaks and rapid pressure drop on September 26, while Sweden and Denmark registering explosions in the area. The operator company Nord Stream AG later said that the damage to the pipeline system is unprecedented.

President Putin stated that it was a deliberate assault on European energy infrastructure, hinting that the US and British military are responsible for the blasts.

At the same time, Moscow launched an investigation into the terror attack, also noting that the decision by Denmark and Sweden not to cooperate with Russia in their probe caused major concerns.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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07-10-22 01:03

Russia “excluded ” – they already know the US did it and trying to blame Russia when Russia has to get permission to enter the Danish zone and the area is heavily monitored both by sonar and surface radar and the indisputable fact that the USA was carrying out “trials” in the same area , the world ( or some of it ) didn’t believe the lying USA propaganda except the USA JUST after it increased their LNG prices . Where,s the “ECO ” in dirty Fracked LNG transported 1000,s of miles by ships pumping out gases to the atmosphere… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Donnchadh
Reply to  baronmaya
08-10-22 05:39

It all started before WW II, when Russia was the target, which showed half of the WW II casualties. China was the other WW II victim, followed by North Korea and Iran, not excluding most African nations as victims of the Anglo Zio-Nazi conspiracy?

07-10-22 12:42

Check out the location of the US Bonhomme at the moment of the accident?